Must See Total Body Band Workout!

The very best of yoga and resistance training has been harnessed into a super short and incredibly enjoyable 15 minute routine… I’m talking about a revolutionary fitness routine for women that will save you a ton of time while allowing you to experience:  -A Faster Metabolism -Improved Flexibility & Posture -Long, Lean Muscle Tone AndContinue reading “Must See Total Body Band Workout!”

Avoid high impact exercises (here’s why!)

STOP doing high impact exercises! The main problem with most resistance training exercises is that they’re high impact and aren’t even slightly designed for a woman’s body. This is what leads to muscle tightness, soreness, bulkiness along with a negative impact on our flexibility and even posture… . I say forget dealing with pain, strainContinue reading “Avoid high impact exercises (here’s why!)”

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